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A plan to digitally transform to better serve agency partners

Pekin Insurance experienced difficulty positioning themselves to get in front of new business. “We were not even a player in some of our commercial lines products,” said Subhasis Mukherjee, CIO at Pekin Insurance. The insurer did not see sufficient growth among new business.

Additionally, bottlenecks in existing systems were preventing them from introducing more efficient processes to their agents. “Our current system wasn’t meeting the service and processing expectations of our agents,” said Joe Ricigliano, vice president of Commercial Lines Underwriting at Pekin Insurance. Pekin planned to invest considerable resources into process and communication automation to grow and diversify their business via their independent agency partners. Staff needed technology that would enable them to communicate more efficiently with customers and react to future insurance needs.

IVANS gives us the connectivity and capability to work with a variety of different agency management systems and processes in a very fast and efficient manner.

Joe Ricigliano

Vice President, Commercial Lines Underwriting

The tools to automate insurer-agency communication

Pekin Insurance now leverages IVANS to offer their agents a complete digital experience. They’ve eliminated time-consuming, manual processes and now provide agents with all the information they need in a digital format, directly in their agency management system. “Consumers today want to do business digitally. Our agents want to do business digitally and we need to make it as easy as possible for them to do business with us,” said Joel Jackson, Vice President of Marketing, Pekin Insurance. IVANS enables agency staff to focus on writing new business while information exchange is now automated, putting it in the agent’s management systems as they need it.

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More business with a seamless, integrated agency experience

The staff at Pekin Insurance see a considerable increase in new and diversified business from agents. “One of the reasons we went into the new suite of products from IVANS was first, to be in front of agents. Second, to make it easy once in front of them to push the business to us so that we can have a play into it. Connecting all of the products of IVANS, we are giving agents a seamless, end-to-end experience of doing business,” said Subhasis Mukherjee, CIO at Pekin Insurance.

“IVANS is a critical part in our digital journey,” stated Mukherjee. Agents are getting information sooner and no longer have to leave their management system to retrieve it. “Agents are our primary distribution model and the more we can make them efficient, we get better results out of that.”

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