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Ask Kodiak

Find the right agents to write the most profitable business.

Finding and marketing to the right agents doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive and inefficient. Quickly automate appetite communication to more effectively market products. Ask Kodiak is an exceedingly simple way you to share risk appetite with agents & brokers. Market product details directly at the exact moment agents are searching for the right markets to submit new and renewal business.

Key Benefits

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Reach more agents quickly

Convey your latest appetite and market your product details precisely at the moment agents are searching.

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Gain data-driven insights

Real-time visibility into search trends, product market opportunities, and your own product performance help you make informed decisions about how to better design and market your commercial insurance products.

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Build stronger agent relationships

Aligning on each specific risk results in a win, win. With the ability to present the best coverage to their clients, agents keep your business top of mind.

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